How to get setup with Google Authorship

I’m sure you’ve seen the results… smiling faces next to search results. Have you wondered how to get your smiling face next to your content in the search results? It’s called Google Authorship Markup and it’s pretty easy to do. Not only is there a little smiling face next to the article about Yext, but there’s […]

SEO for WordPress Websites

Just found a great article over at Search Engine Journal about SEO for WordPress Websites. I will summarize and comment on their recommendations here. 1) Optimizing your URL Structure. This is a very easy fix to the most basic problem I see on WordPress sites, most people take the default URL structure which includes something […]

Useful SEO Habits to adopt NOW

The following is summarized from from Search Engine Journal‘s article: Important SEO Habits to Adopt for Post Panda-Penguin Era Survival Think Originality and Relevance Make your content original and relevant. Provide users with USEFUL information. Avoid techniques meant only for the Search Engines Add Authenticity Use tools like Google Authorship Markup, get your “by line” […]