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How to Enter Checks in Quickbooks:

  1. From the startup screen, click on Banking

  2. Click on Checks

    1. This is just like entering checks in the paper check register, only it will allow you to report and analyze your expenses MUCH more easily than a paper system.

    2. Make sure the date on top is the date of the check this will make reconciling your bank account much easier. Also make sure the check number is correct.

    3. Type the name of the vendor in the Pay to the Order of field.
      i. for most new checks, Quickbooks will tell you that the vendor doesn’t exist, just click <quick add>

    4. Below, on the tab that says expenses, type in what the check was for:
      examples: Travel, Lodging Entertainment, etc.

    5. When finished, click <Save & Close> or <Save & New> if you need to enter another check.

  3. For paying credit card bills, see the Credit Card Procedures.



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