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+Joanne Marcinek

PLEASE NOTE: I wrote this article in 2006 and it does not correspond to the current version of Quickbooks. Also, I am unable to help with any reconciliation issues. I wrote this for a client many years ago and no longer do this sort of work. I recommend checking out the Quickbooks Support Forum at:



How to Reconcile a Bank Account in Quickbooks:

  1. From the startup screen, click on Banking

  2. Click on Reconcile

  3. Check to see that the beginning balance on the reconcile screen is the same as the beginning balance on your bank statement.

  4. Enter in the date of the statement and the ending balance.

  5. Using your bank statement, check off each of the deposits in the “deposits and other credits column”

    1. In some cases you will have to add up individual deposits on the bank statement to match the deposit amounts in the reconcile window.

  6. Again, using your bank statement, check off each of the checks and payments in the “checks and payments” column.

  7. NOTES:

    1. If you need to change the amount of any item, double-click on it and Quickbooks will open it for editing. You can then update the amount, save & close and go back to your reconciliation window.

    2. If you need to add an item that is missing from your records, go back to the Banking Navigator and click on “Check Register” you can then enter in a check, deposit or other payment directly into the register. When you go back to the reconciliation window, it will be updated with the new info.

    3. If an item has more than one component, click on the <splits> button in the check register, this will allow you to enter items individually (ie. Member dues $$, Rental Income $$, etc.)

  8. Once all items have been checked off and the difference amount in the lower right hand corner of the screen says 0. Your reconciliation is complete.

    1. Print a Summary Reconciliation report and file it with the Bank Statement.







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